Trip to Dream Play, City of Dreams.

Taking Lexi to Dream Play was really more of an experience. Too bad she’s still too small and too young to appreciate it.

Good thing her cousins came because I think the place is for older kids. Maybe for kids about at least 4 years old. There’s a section in the park where kids can climb, hang, run around and slide. (I’m sorry, I forgot the name of this section in the park.) But don’t worry, they look safe. Each kid inside needs to wear a safety harness. There’s also another section where kids learn to bake and actually do some baking.

Otherwise, without her cousins, I would really think the park fee is too pricey.

For kids like Lexi, there’s a story telling section in the library. You just need to know the schedule. Babies and toddlers can sit on the floor while they listen to a person in costume.

I think her favorite was the Kung Fu Panda section, similar to the XBox game, you have to follow Po. Po supposedly teaches you how to do Kung Fu.  Lexi couldn’t help but watch the kids in this section.


For our merienda, we had some pizza and ice cream. Their pizza was good. A decent meal for one would cost about Php300.

Our last stop was the 4D movie. Nothing outstanding, it was ok.

I could say that this place is really for kids between 4-8 years old. Their set up is cute. Their pizza is good. Their system is good, they are organized inside.

In general, I could say that we will come back to this place but maybe when Lexi’s about 4 years old.

We have yet to experience City of Dreams accommodation. Lexi’s weakness is lounging in fluffy hotel beds. 🙂



Color your world.


For today’s activity, I gave Lexi a box of crayon and a clean sheet of Manila Paper

I want to help her develop her fine motor skills while having fun. I was first thinking between letting her color a coloring book or the Manila paper. I decided to let her use Manila paper so that she has a bigger work area.

For the first 10 minutes, I let her scribble on her own. I noticed that she used them all. One by one. Perhaps she was exploring and curious on how they’d look on paper.

For the next 5 minutes, I guess she found her favorites. She separated Pink, Red and Blue from the rest.

Then for the next 5 minutes, she asked me to draw: (1) Elmo (2)Apples (3) Lexi.

When she was ready with more familiar characters, I asked her if she wanted to learn how to write her name, she agreed.

One thing I noticed about Lexi is that she is left-handed. That was the bump on our road. I was right-handed and she wanted me to teach her how to write but she was left-handed. So I had to show her how to write my name with my left hand.

At that moment, I felt like that I was learning too (hehe). She made me use the green crayon. (She hoarded red, pink and blue.)  After some practice, Lexi was already writing “LEXI”. Letters were about 4 inches each though. So that’s ok.

She then requested that I teach her “Mommy”. I told her that “Mommy” is longer than “Lexi” but we will try.

I wrote down “Mommy” and she started copying it. She was struggling with “M” and we ended up with “Moooo”. I think she got tired of “M” and particularly enjoyed “o”.