Daddy’s Protege

Time with Daddy is important too. I’m really glad that Joef is also hands on when it comes to Lexi.

Joef loves music and he introduced Lexi to the piano, the drums and the guitar even before Lexi could talk or sit on her own. Joef would play the piano while Lexi sits on her lap.

So just right after learning to sit on her own, Lexi was really proud and happy hearing herself play the piano (rather, make sounds while she randomly touches the piano keys) . She didn’t look at me, instead she called her daddy to look at her. As if seeking her daddy’s approval that she too can play like daddy.

Not just in terms of Music or activities, Lexi loves what Joef loves eating. Be it sour, spicy or weird. Hehehe.

Sometimes, I think Lexi’s should have been named “Joefreyna” or “Joefrina”. They are very much alike.





“Breast milk is best for babies.”

I would have to agree.

Lexi was born tiny (2.4kgs) until we started feeding her with breast milk. 2 months after, poof! She became 6.3kgs.

Yup, Im an advocate for breastfeeding because we have experienced and have seen the advantages. Results may vary from one baby to another but I liked the effects of breast milk on Lexi. Sadly, my milk stopped when she was nearly 9 months old. I think because of stress from work. Hehehe.

Lexi was a happy baby because she was healthy and active. We rarely visit the doctor other than for her monthly check-ups or vaccine appointments.  I’m really glad my gynecologist was an advocate for breast feeding.

Tips that I could probably share as a first-time mom:

  1. Consistently pump on time. Do make time for it.
  2. Use a good breast pump. If you can, get the double electric breast pump. Saves a lot of time too!
  3. If Fenugreek or Brewer’s yeast doesn’t work for you, try drinking real and fresh carrot juice. Carrot Juice worked for me.
  4. Tahong (mussle) with Malunggay dish, I think, is the most effective food to eat to increase your milk supply. Cheaper too! (But ask your doctor if you can have this too.)
  5. Use a breast milk plastic bottle storage. You can reuse it after washing and sterilizing it. I prefer this over the plastic bag type.
  6. Do not drink soft drinks when you’re pregnant! They say soft drinks consume Calcium. When you’re pregnant, soft drinks consume your baby’s calcium first!
  7. Drink lots of water.
  8. Sleep on time. Don’t get stressed!


For other tips, do consult your doctor or a lactation expert. 🙂

The Power of the Pacifier

When Lexi was few months old, she would wake up every 2 hours because she would ask for milk. It was a struggle because eventually my milk supply was decreasing but her need for milk was increasing.

I’ve consulted her pedia and her pedia suggested that maybe Lexi didn’t really want milk but was just looking for comfort or perhaps the need to suck. She suggested that I try giving Lexi a pacifier.

After that visit to the pedia, we immediately went to SM and bought some. I got the pacifier from Philips Avent because it came in a package of 2. Plus, it was pink. 🙂


I was excited for her to  try it and true enough, Lexi liked it! Good thing the size of the pacifier conformed with her preference.

I was able to capture her reaction in the photo. From her photo, I could see that she was feeling it (seen from her judging eyes)  … then she was getting used to it.. then eventually, she fell asleep.  Just like that!

Her interval of waking up every 2 hours changed. Our sleeping hours extended for at least another hour.

Lexi still uses a pacifier, it became her security blanket. So we just make sure that when she falls asleep, we remove it because it could ruin her teeth.  (Well any pacifier, for that matter, could ruin your child’s teeth).