Daddy’s Protege

Time with Daddy is important too. I’m really glad that Joef is also hands on when it comes to Lexi.

Joef loves music and he introduced Lexi to the piano, the drums and the guitar even before Lexi could talk or sit on her own. Joef would play the piano while Lexi sits on her lap.

So just right after learning to sit on her own, Lexi was really proud and happy hearing herself play the piano (rather, make sounds while she randomly touches the piano keys) . She didn’t look at me, instead she called her daddy to look at her. As if seeking her daddy’s approval that she too can play like daddy.

Not just in terms of Music or activities, Lexi loves what Joef loves eating. Be it sour, spicy or weird. Hehehe.

Sometimes, I think Lexi’s should have been named “Joefreyna” or “Joefrina”. They are very much alike.





One thought on “Daddy’s Protege

  1. ligurl27 says:

    Aw that is gorgeous! My sons love the piano too – my first boy used to love to tinker on it but he’s so loud now and ends up bashing on it. I’m thinking of starting to teach him some basic piano now though (he’s turning 3 soon) just for fun.


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