“Breast milk is best for babies.”

I would have to agree.

Lexi was born tiny (2.4kgs) until we started feeding her with breast milk. 2 months after, poof! She became 6.3kgs.

Yup, Im an advocate for breastfeeding because we have experienced and have seen the advantages. Results may vary from one baby to another but I liked the effects of breast milk on Lexi. Sadly, my milk stopped when she was nearly 9 months old. I think because of stress from work. Hehehe.

Lexi was a happy baby because she was healthy and active. We rarely visit the doctor other than for her monthly check-ups or vaccine appointments.  I’m really glad my gynecologist was an advocate for breast feeding.

Tips that I could probably share as a first-time mom:

  1. Consistently pump on time. Do make time for it.
  2. Use a good breast pump. If you can, get the double electric breast pump. Saves a lot of time too!
  3. If Fenugreek or Brewer’s yeast doesn’t work for you, try drinking real and fresh carrot juice. Carrot Juice worked for me.
  4. Tahong (mussle) with Malunggay dish, I think, is the most effective food to eat to increase your milk supply. Cheaper too! (But ask your doctor if you can have this too.)
  5. Use a breast milk plastic bottle storage. You can reuse it after washing and sterilizing it. I prefer this over the plastic bag type.
  6. Do not drink soft drinks when you’re pregnant! They say soft drinks consume Calcium. When you’re pregnant, soft drinks consume your baby’s calcium first!
  7. Drink lots of water.
  8. Sleep on time. Don’t get stressed!


For other tips, do consult your doctor or a lactation expert. 🙂


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