Pouring and Wiping

For our latest activity, I wanted Lexi to practice pouring and wiping. This would help develop her fine motor skills. This is an activity I learned from a Montessori school, which I would like Lexi to learn as well.

We needed 2 plastic containers, a sponge, a plastic tray and 1/2 cup of drinking for this.

Her goal is to transfer the water from one container to the other within the tray. If it spills, she needs to wipe it with the sponge and wring it back to one of the containers.

She was spilling a lot at first then eventually got the hang of it. There were few attempts to drink the water too. So make sure that the water is clean and the rest of the materials too. Just in case your child gets thirsty. 🙂


This kept her busy for about 40 minutes.

So far, mission accomplished. Even after the activity, she adapted wiping spills in our room.  🙂




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