Beautiful Bohol.

In 2013, Joef and I spent our honeymoon in Bohol (particularly, in Dumaluan Beach Resort).  Bohol, indeed, is such a beautiful place. We spent about 4 days and 3 nights there.


Dumaluan Beach Resort is ok. Their rate was within our budget. They had a live band every night during our stay. The singer and the band was good. Their food is also yummy. The place is clean and their staff were friendly. Their CR is clean! 🙂

It was my first time to go to Bohol and that’s one for the books. They do have a rich culture and the places in Bohol are worth going to.

I finally saw a real Tarsier. Yep, they’re tiny and sleepy.


I enjoyed eating along Loboc River . That’s riding a boat with a lunch buffet. Sorry, I wasn’t able to take our own picture, I was busy eating. Hahaha.( Loboc River picture taken from )


I’ve seen their man-made forest. If I had a hammock, it’s probably nice to take a nap there.


We spent an afternoon inside a Butterfly Sanctuary.


Was lucky enough to get a “postcard” material photo of the famous Chocolate Hills.

I’m really glad we were able to see it before the earthquake happened.


Also, the Baclayon Church before it was ruined.

baclayon church

And my favorite part of Bohol…


Tips when in Bohol:

  1. Prepare small bills (for tips, fare, cheap yummy food). I could say that during our stay, it’s cheap to travel in Bohol.
  2. Bring a ducky or a water proof bag for your gadgets. A lot of water activities you can do in Bohol. For a person, like me, who is not a water baby… I enjoyed Bohol water activities.
  3. Always bring a drinking water. You’ll need it to beat the sun.
  4. Bring a good pair of swimsuit and goggles.
  5. Put on sun block, your favorite sun hat or bring an umbrella.
  6. Have fun! Bohol is such a beautiful place. 🙂

In short, our honeymoon was well spent in Bohol. A lot of things to do, friendly Boholanos, picture perfect photos can be taken too.

I hope to be back in Bohol soon and hopefully, with Lexi. 🙂

We all need some sunshine.

Before Lexi was born, our folks told us that after the baby was born, it was important to take her out early morning for some sunshine. To be honest, I wasn’t completely sold to that idea. One thing, I didn’t want to be out myself. I am not a morning person and I don’t think I will be in the near future (hehehe). Secondly, when Lexi was born, she would be awake between 2-5AM. So, we would be sleeping soundly by 530.


However, few weeks later we noticed that Lexi was not exactly brown. She was a bit yellow. We took her to the doctor for a quick check-up and it was confirmed that she was having a mild jaundice.

I attempted a couple of times to bring her out before 7AM after that check up but we kept failing.  We would still be asleep in our cozy bed.

Good thing that Lola Marie and Lolo Joe (if we were in Las Pinas) or Papoo Manuel and Mama Rose (if we were in Manila) would take Lexi out in the morning.

After successful sun bathing, Lexi’s skin turned brown. Her color became normal. Besides that, I also noticed that Lexi became more active. From that, I’ve seen the effects on Lexi. Well, even for me. We both got some Vitamin D.

Just a few tips:

  1. Best time to take baby for sun bathing is between 6AM-8AM.   They say avoid sun bathing  between 10AM-2PM, it is at this time that the sun is too strong. For the baby or even for you.
  2. Flip the over for a period of time. So that the front and the back would get equal sunlight.
  3. Have some fun while you and you’re baby are at it. Tour the street or the neighborhood you are in if you can. Get some fresh air.
  4. Do some sunbathing at least 10 minutes everyday.


Lastly, getting enough sun is bad but getting too much sun can also be bad. Still consult your pediatrician if you plan to take your baby out for some sun bathing. They might have their own preferences on how to do it.


(Featured Picture: Papoo and Lexi ready for some sunbathing)

She’s quite a Contortionist.

If you’re fat or large, it doesn’t mean you can’t twist, bend or touch your toes. Lexi, in several instances, has proven so. I think it’s all in the determination. 🙂

When she was a few months old, she had several weird poses when I wanted to take pictures of her. I wasn’t quite sure if she just really loves her toes, if she’s showing off how “twistable” she is or if she’s completely rubbing it in that she can do a better job at being flexible. Hehe.

Hmmm.. maybe if I enroll her in gymnastics class, could she land herself a college scholarship? Mwehehe. That, I have yet to find out. 🙂

Daddy’s Protege

Time with Daddy is important too. I’m really glad that Joef is also hands on when it comes to Lexi.

Joef loves music and he introduced Lexi to the piano, the drums and the guitar even before Lexi could talk or sit on her own. Joef would play the piano while Lexi sits on her lap.

So just right after learning to sit on her own, Lexi was really proud and happy hearing herself play the piano (rather, make sounds while she randomly touches the piano keys) . She didn’t look at me, instead she called her daddy to look at her. As if seeking her daddy’s approval that she too can play like daddy.

Not just in terms of Music or activities, Lexi loves what Joef loves eating. Be it sour, spicy or weird. Hehehe.

Sometimes, I think Lexi’s should have been named “Joefreyna” or “Joefrina”. They are very much alike.




“Breast milk is best for babies.”

I would have to agree.

Lexi was born tiny (2.4kgs) until we started feeding her with breast milk. 2 months after, poof! She became 6.3kgs.

Yup, Im an advocate for breastfeeding because we have experienced and have seen the advantages. Results may vary from one baby to another but I liked the effects of breast milk on Lexi. Sadly, my milk stopped when she was nearly 9 months old. I think because of stress from work. Hehehe.

Lexi was a happy baby because she was healthy and active. We rarely visit the doctor other than for her monthly check-ups or vaccine appointments.  I’m really glad my gynecologist was an advocate for breast feeding.

Tips that I could probably share as a first-time mom:

  1. Consistently pump on time. Do make time for it.
  2. Use a good breast pump. If you can, get the double electric breast pump. Saves a lot of time too!
  3. If Fenugreek or Brewer’s yeast doesn’t work for you, try drinking real and fresh carrot juice. Carrot Juice worked for me.
  4. Tahong (mussle) with Malunggay dish, I think, is the most effective food to eat to increase your milk supply. Cheaper too! (But ask your doctor if you can have this too.)
  5. Use a breast milk plastic bottle storage. You can reuse it after washing and sterilizing it. I prefer this over the plastic bag type.
  6. Do not drink soft drinks when you’re pregnant! They say soft drinks consume Calcium. When you’re pregnant, soft drinks consume your baby’s calcium first!
  7. Drink lots of water.
  8. Sleep on time. Don’t get stressed!


For other tips, do consult your doctor or a lactation expert. 🙂

Trip to Dream Play, City of Dreams.

Taking Lexi to Dream Play was really more of an experience. Too bad she’s still too small and too young to appreciate it.

Good thing her cousins came because I think the place is for older kids. Maybe for kids about at least 4 years old. There’s a section in the park where kids can climb, hang, run around and slide. (I’m sorry, I forgot the name of this section in the park.) But don’t worry, they look safe. Each kid inside needs to wear a safety harness. There’s also another section where kids learn to bake and actually do some baking.

Otherwise, without her cousins, I would really think the park fee is too pricey.

For kids like Lexi, there’s a story telling section in the library. You just need to know the schedule. Babies and toddlers can sit on the floor while they listen to a person in costume.

I think her favorite was the Kung Fu Panda section, similar to the XBox game, you have to follow Po. Po supposedly teaches you how to do Kung Fu.  Lexi couldn’t help but watch the kids in this section.


For our merienda, we had some pizza and ice cream. Their pizza was good. A decent meal for one would cost about Php300.

Our last stop was the 4D movie. Nothing outstanding, it was ok.

I could say that this place is really for kids between 4-8 years old. Their set up is cute. Their pizza is good. Their system is good, they are organized inside.

In general, I could say that we will come back to this place but maybe when Lexi’s about 4 years old.

We have yet to experience City of Dreams accommodation. Lexi’s weakness is lounging in fluffy hotel beds. 🙂


Acrylic Painting.

Lexi was 14 months old when she first tried acrylic painting. I was expecting she’d go wild and would mess up her shirt and our floor.

Surprisingly, she didn’t and her work area was tidy.

After about 15 minutes, she stood up and showed me this.

She had a big smile and was clapping.

Hmmm…. what can you see? Cacti?

What do you think? 🙂


Pouring and Wiping

For our latest activity, I wanted Lexi to practice pouring and wiping. This would help develop her fine motor skills. This is an activity I learned from a Montessori school, which I would like Lexi to learn as well.

We needed 2 plastic containers, a sponge, a plastic tray and 1/2 cup of drinking for this.

Her goal is to transfer the water from one container to the other within the tray. If it spills, she needs to wipe it with the sponge and wring it back to one of the containers.

She was spilling a lot at first then eventually got the hang of it. There were few attempts to drink the water too. So make sure that the water is clean and the rest of the materials too. Just in case your child gets thirsty. 🙂


This kept her busy for about 40 minutes.

So far, mission accomplished. Even after the activity, she adapted wiping spills in our room.  🙂



Lexi’s first toy.

We forgot to get a toy for Lexi when she was born. It was only after  a month that we realized that she needed one. Her crib looked bare even if she was sleeping in it. Her daddy even said that Lexi looked “kawawa” inside her crib.

I couldn’t leave the house yet because I just went through CS. So I grabbed my laptop and went online. Little did I realize that shopping for newborn toys was as complicated as finding the right shoes for me.

After 3 hours, I finally found one. Thank goodness for modern technology. You don’t have to get out of the house if you need to purchase and pay for items.

Few days later, it was delivered at home.

Lexi’s reaction when she first saw her toy was priceless. I think I got my money’s worth for that smile. 🙂


Sesame Street Magic

I remember the days when my lola would let me sit on the couch, turn on the TV, switch the channel to Sesame Street and hand me some snacks. I would always ask her for the time so that I don’t miss out on any episode. Cable wasn’t the “in” thing yet. I just depended on local channels.

I loved the show because you could see different things from just one episode. There were variations. There were singing, dancing, guessing and playing. You could see people interacting with puppets (“Muppets”). It featured funny skits and cartoons. Their songs were addicting to the point that some gave me LSS or Last Song Syndrome. They  also gave me the impression that not all monsters are mean, ugly and hungry for human flesh. 😛

I had 2 favorite skits: (1) Grover and Mr. Blue Guy   and (2) the violet Siamese twins.

sesame twins.jpg

The violet twins are my personal favorite. My sister and I would imagine that that’s us because we’d often disagree on something but we know that we eventually we have to agree to be able to be more productive. She said she’s the one with the hair, I was the one with the beard.

I’m glad that 26 years later, Sesame Street is still around for my daughter.

Lexi likes Elmo, Telly and Baby Bear. Right now, she’s at that stage where she laughs like Ernie.

The best lesson that I think Lexi was able to pick up from Sesame Street is “Empathy”.

For example, Telly would be worried of something, Lexi would say “Oh no, Mommy! Poor Telly!”

Then the most recent episode she watched, “Peter and the Wolf”. The wolf has cornered Elmo, Zoe and Oscar up the tree. The wolf was jumping and the three were calling for help, I saw Lexi’s smile turn upside down. She was very quiet. She was almost about to tear up when I asked her why she was sad. She replied, “Mommy, wolf! Wolf don’t eat Oscar! Shew! Shew!”

Since Lexi doesn’t have playmates, she was also able to relate to these  kids on TV. Although not physically, Lexi would follow them and sometimes act like them.

I really wish Sesame Street would continue to make more episodes.  I’ve learned a lot from them and my kid is learning from them now. There’s something about that show that kids of different generations find endearing.